unique down to the last detail
2500€+ or installements of 250€ per month*
  • We will add up to 50 products**
  • Created exactly by the design you have provided
  • Takes 7-21 days to complete

Designed e-commerce store

Designed e-commerce store is fit for you, if you have your own unique design that you have created or ordered for your e-commerce site.

If you don´t have your own design, we can help you create that one-in-a-million kind of design for your e-commerce store.

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Adding to beautiful and unique look this designed e-commerce store package gives you chance to automate most of e-commerce site activities, so that you could avoid extra work. We will add payment and trasport integrations by defaul, but if you need something more, just let us know.

Goal: To create unique and memorable e-commerce site, where every detail is 100% matching your vision.

Content/Products: up to 50 products are added by us. If you want to add more products, we will teach you how to do that. If you prefer us adding the rest of products, then it will just cost a little extra.

Design: Design will be 100% exact match to the design you provided or 100% of our own creation.

Veinisõber | | Wine Consult OÜ | E-pood | L-pakett

Is Designed e-commerce store for you?


  • Unique
  • memorable
  • professional
  • pixel-perfect


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