E-commerce store development

If you want yourself new e-commerce store or need a facelift for your previous e-commerce site, then you have reached the right destination.

To make e-commerce store ordering and development process comfortable for you, we have brought out 3 different e-commerce development packages. Every package is different so that you could find perfect solutions for you depending your budget, e-commerce site goal and integrations you will need.


Simple and cheap
450€ or installments of 50€ per month*
  • We will add up to 15 products**
  • Design comes from template
  • Takes 1-2 days to completion


900€ or installements of 90€ per month*
  • We will add up to 30 products**
  • Unique design
  • Takes 5-7 days to complete


unique down to the last detail
2500€+ or installements of 250€ per month*
  • We will add up to 50 products**
  • Created exactly by the design you have provided
  • Takes 7-21 days to complete

Any questions or are you ready to order your new e-commerce store?

If you need more info about packeges or you don´t know which to pick, be sure to contact us and let us know.

We can schedule videocall and we can show you how your new e-commerce store could look.

If you haven´t decided yet, what to do...

…then check our portfolio, to maybe get ideas how your e-commerce site should look or what package to prefer. If you don´t find ideas from there, then let us know and we can send you ideas for your e-commerce site design.