Simple and cheap
450€ or installments of 50€ per month*
  • We will add up to 15 products**
  • Design comes from template
  • Takes 1-2 days to completion

Simple e-commerce store

Our Simple e-commerce store package gives you chance to set up your e-store quickly and with limited budget. This is most used for moving away from Facebook store that has too many limitations for proper e-commerce development. Simple e-commerce store package gives you chance to automate activities connected to e-commerce.


GOAL: to open your e-commerce store quickly and with limited budget

Inanzi OÜ | E-pood | S-pakett
Inanzi OÜ | E-pood | S-pakett

Content/Products: up to 15 products are added by us. If you have more products you can add them on your own (we will sure teach you how to do that), or for extra fee we can take this task to ourselves.


Design:  we will send templates you can choose design from. Small adjustments are okay to do for desing on this package, but if you need more adjustments on desing we recommend you rather pick Professional E-commerce store package.

Is Simple e-commerce store for you?


  • fast delivery
  • simple
  • cheap


  • someone else may have similar design

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